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Azure Adventures

Github Pages:

Here we have a set of tutorials to work with Azure cloud technologies.

These tutorials represent my personal experience and may be helpful for other people. They are snapshots in time for a particular question I needed more investigation or I was just curious about. They may not represent the best approach to solve a particular problem. Consider as “some notes” with no warranty at all.

Some of them got (or will get) published at Azure HPC tech blog website [LINK].

Each folder contains a different tutorial and one tutorial may link to other tutorials in this repository.

  1. Chapter1: VM under private net accessed via VPN
  2. Chapter2: VM under private net accessed via bastion
  3. Chapter3: Peering vnets to access via vpn and bastion
  4. Chapter4: On regions, SKUs, quotas, and costs
  5. Chapter5: VMSS with NFS on blob
  6. Chapter6: Auto scaling in VMSS
  7. Chapter7: Boot worker processes in VMSS
  8. Chapter8: Notes on cloud init (WIP)
  9. Chapter9: Create custom VM images (and use them via CLI/Terraform)
  10. Chapter10: Run MPI jobs using Azure Batch + NFS
  11. Chapter11: Automated deployment of CycleCloud and SLURM using CLI
  12. Chapter12: Quick HPC Cluster Creation with Apps using CycleCloud and EESSI: A WRF example
  13. Chapter13: Quick intro on containers and Azure Container Instances (ACI) example
  14. Chapter14: Example Azure Batch+Container (SOON AVAILABLE)
  15. Chapter15: Process Pinning (WIP)